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Development of our Paso Fino hobby breed

Starting with a Paso Fino mare initially purchased for trailriding only, our hobby has meanwhile developed into a little breeding program. In 2002 my husband Gerd and I bought the mare Sangria Real, which was meant to be my trail horse. At that time we did not even think about showing or breeding.

Because of this mare and all the horses I saw during clinics, my passion for Paso Finos was inflamed. So the decision was easy made to breed Sangria to Ponderosa Cosmos Dos for my first own foal. The same year, in 2002, I got the chance to visit Tim (as well a professional trainer) and Katja Sipple for 4 weeks in Tennessee. While being in Tennessee I saw some shows in the USA and after that I knew, I would like to show horses, too. When Sangria’s filly, Alondra de Ojos Azules, was born in spring 2003, our breeding program carrying the suffix “de Ojos Azules” started out.

Today we own six mares, four of them imported from the USA: La Mamba Negra, Luna Llena de Relampago, Brujula del Caron and Amistad del Seminole. In February 2012 we purchased Marquesa del Gavilan from Switzerland. Dinamica de Ojos Azules is Mamba’s first filly. She is under saddle since end of 2011 and we plan for the future to breed her, too.

Why Paso Finos?

Before we became involved with the Paso Finos we had two Icelandic horses. I always have been a big fan of the four-beat gait and so it was clear that we would always stay with a gaited horse breed. Even many years ago I collected as much information a possible about gaited horses. I bought each and every magazine that had something about gaited horses within. The Paso Finos always seemed interesting but were described as not so easy and very sensitive horses and I was a in doubt if I could handle that with my little experience. Even videos about gaited horses (which were difficult to find) did not convince me to “risk” buying a Paso Fino. With only the information available at that time it was not clear to me that especially the Paso Fino is a perfect horse for both leisure riding and showing.

Only years later, in autumn 2001 when my friend Manuela Indlekofer purchased a Paso Fino mare I had the chance to get to know about their qualities in handling and riding them. First of all I liked the elegance and beauty. A good size which has nothing in common with the typical look of a pony or many other smaller horse breeds. A horse that presents itself proud and upright. In addition the different types from Pleasure, Performance and Classic Fino (for more information about the breed and different types see under “Paso Fino”).
And of course the four-beat gait! Gaiting in different speeds, but always being able to ride without a lot of pressure and tension. In a good collection without pressing the horse in a certain frame. Pure fun! This was what made my decision to buy the first Paso Fino which we started our small breed with as already mentioned in the beginning.

Without my husband, who is not riding too often but supports my work with the horses, helps me a lot during the shows and always stands right behind me, I would not have been able to make the „Paso Finos im Fliedetal” come true. I am very grateful to have such a strong partner by my side!

The participation in many clinics with professional trainers from USA and Europe, visits to  farms and shows in the USA and many visits at the Sternberghof helped me a lot to learn a lot about riding Paso Finos, evaluation of the horses and general background knowledge about this wonderful breed. All these experiences helped to create our small breeding program and produce high quality offspring that can be enjoyed by their new owners. I very much hope that I am able to share this knowledge with interested people.